Monday, February 8, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
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Welcome to Reuters NEXT.

The event platform is now open so you can connect, send messages, and schedule meetings in now if you have a networking pass! We are no longer confined to a 4-day event, so you can book meetings to take place over a 2 week period between 11 January - 22 January 2021.

Platform FAQs   

  1. For optimal viewing we recommend using the latest version of google chrome or Mozilla Firefox                
  2. For video playback troubleshooting please refer to the link:               
  3. If there is an issue during the broadcast, please refer to the Q&A feed underneath where updates will be posted.               
  4. If you have a Professional pass, Press pass or Speaker pass, the on demand access to content will be available for 2 weeks. Use this link to upgrade to a Professional Pass:          
  5. Please use the ‘Agenda’ tab to check the programme for the day and add relevant sessions to your calendar so you do not miss out. You can export your calendar to outlook via the 'My Schedule' tab   

We hope you enjoy the event and if you need anything, please contact Mariana Dumont on or contact the team via the Reuters Events Helpdesk tab.

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